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Littleton, CO Pest Control

Effective Pest Solutions For Littleton, CO Properties

Spanning more than three county lines, Littleton is a Colorado favorite that has everyone talking! This cute little town has been the 20th most populous municipality in Colorado for some time now, serving more than 45,000 residents. The city got its start in the gold rush of 1859 and attracted thousands of settlers towards Pikes Peak country. Today, people are attracted to the area thanks to high seasonal temperatures, great local flair, and plenty of things to see and do.

But if there’s one thing that Littleton residents would rather not talk about: its pests. Pest control is an important part of living in this city, with insects outnumbering people more than a thousand to one. There are some ways to prevent pests from ever reaching the property and many ways to mitigate pest activity before ever experiencing an infestation. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option.

That’s why the knowledgeable team at Advantage Pest Management is so passionate about pest control for Littleton homeowners. We continuously strive to lead the industry in sustainable, manageable, and effective treatment types that eliminate pests without affecting human health. No matter what pests are plaguing you, we have a treatment that’ll do! Learn all about it by getting a free estimate online.

Home Pest Control In Littleton, CO

House in Littleton, CO

Your home is a place that’s worth defending. As a safe place for you to retreat and relax in, the threat of invasion or disruption can cause a world of hurt. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, pest infestations can take a toll on your health. What’s worse, there is every possibility that these pests will cost thousands of dollars to remove effectively.

Advantage Pest Management has been a proud provider of residential pest control since our company’s founding many years ago. We’ve promised our clients since day one that our pest control will get the job done – the first time. With years of experience under our belts, we have been able to deliver affordable pest control solutions to homeowners all over Littleton.

We offer residential pest control solutions in one of two ways: general pest control or specialty pest control. Here’s how it works:

  1. We investigate the root of your problem per your insight on infestation activities. By narrowing down any potential infestation points, we can quickly establish an understanding of just where your pest problems are coming from.
  2. Next, we provide extensive treatments both on the interior and exterior of the home. We promise to care for your property as though it were our own and be mindful of the products we use.
  3. Finally, we promise not to stop until your pest problems have been laid to rest. If you notice any pest activity between visits, let us know! We want to make it right.

Get residential pest control plans for exactly what you need and get a free quote online today.

Commercial Pest Control In Littleton, CO

Advantage Pest Management has been a small and locally owned business since the beginning of our legacy. We understand what it’s like to care for a commercial facility and can navigate all the pitfalls and concerns that come along with it. As a proud provider of commercial pest control plans, the folks at Advantage Pest Management are uniquely equipped to take on any obstacle, big or small!

We help to protect Littleton businesses against pests like:

  •     Ants (pavement ant, velvety tree ant, etc)
  •     Roaches (American cockroach, German cockroach, etc)
  •     Rodents (mice and rats) 
  •     Spiders (Black widows, etc)
  •     Stinging Insects (wasps, hornets, etc)

Confirm your commercial pest control needs with our on-call experts today.

Do The Cockroaches In Littleton Carry Diseases? 

It goes without saying that the cockroaches found in Littleton can carry a wide variety of illnesses. Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are easily spread through their movement and may be deposited in many places. Food items, packaging, bathroom surfaces, and kitchen counters are just a few examples of the most common spaces. To protect yourself against cockroach infestations and diseases, reach out to the caring team at Advantage Pest Management. Let’s get you pest-free right away! 

How To Stop Ant Infestations Before They Happen In Your Littleton Home

Ant infestations around the Littleton area are a lot more dangerous than most people believe. Not only can they cause physical injury through bites and stings, but they could also lead to anaphylactic shock. Worse still, these insects can chew through wood, electrical wires, and HVAC machines within a matter of weeks.

Here’s how to stop ant infestations before they take root in your Littleton home:

  • Keep the yard and home clear from food waste
  • Remove upturned compost piles
  • Invest in ongoing ant treatments from Advantage Pest Management

Manage ants the right way! Get a free estimate for your next ant treatment by submitting your info online today. 

What Every Littleton Homeowner Needs To Know About Occasional Invaders

Different types of pests invade Littleton homes throughout the year. However, some pests, like occasional invaders, only invade when the weather outside demands they seek shelter. The good news is there are ways to stay protected from these pests no matter the time of year or weather conditions, such as:

  • Practice proper landscaping by trimming the yard and vegetation.
  • Seal all entry points, including cracks, crevices, and holes around the foundation and other locations.
  • Use screens to cover chimneys, vents, and other openings.
  • Vacuum and sweep regularly.
  • Declutter the house, including the attic and basement.
  • Practice proper food storage.
  • Use trashcans with sealed lids and dispose of garbage away from the house.

By following these pest prevention tips, you make your home less accessible and inviting for all pests. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll face pest problems in your home. If that happens, our team is standing by, ready to get you back to pest-free. 

Don’t let your home become overrun by occasional invaders! Reach out to our team at Advantage Pest Management today to explore your occasional invader control options and start living pest-free!

The Call To Make About Rodents In Your Littleton Home

Rodent populations are notorious for causing problems in Littleton homes, thanks to causing a wide range of problems that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Allergy trigger
  • Asthma trigger
  • Property damage
  • Disease transmission
  • And more!

While it might be tempting to handle a rodent infestation on your own, the call you should make is to trained professionals that can handle your rodent control needs. Some reasons for this are that rodents:

  • Reproduce rapidly
  • Are excellent hiders
  • Are highly intelligent

We know how important it is for you to take back control of your home, which is why we work closely with you to determine the extent of your rodent problems while getting to work on their elimination. 

Without exception, we’ll begin with an inspection and then proceed with the necessary treatment. Not only will we get you back to rodent-free, but also, we’ll help you stay rodent-free in the future. 

Are you ready to see the last of your rodent problems in your Littleton home? Reach out to Advantage Pest Management today to discuss your rodent control needs and start living rodent-free with confidence!

How Spiders Could Be Getting Inside Your Littleton Home

Spiders are easily one of the scariest pests for Littleton homeowners to face, thanks to their fearsome reputation and the potential danger some species pose. Fortunately, most types of spiders are harmless to humans. However, that doesn’t mean they belong inside. Some ways spiders could be getting inside your Littleton home are:

  • Entry points: Spiders prey on insects, so if they’re getting in through cracks and crevices, you can expect spiders to follow suit.
  • Boxes and other items: Sometimes, spiders get inside your boxes and other items, especially if left outside. For this reason, spiders sometimes end up inside by accident.
  • Compromised doors and windows: If the doors aren’t secured or the windows aren’t sealed properly, spiders can slip through these openings, leaving your home vulnerable.

Our team is ready and able to help you get rid of spiders and never need to worry about pests again. We’ll start with an inspection to identify all spider activity before getting to work on ridding your home of the infestation. In addition, we’ll do what’s needed to keep the spiders and other pests from making a return appearance. 

Are you ready to take back control of your home? Reach out to Advantage Pest Management today to learn more about how to get rid of spiders, and say goodbye to spiders in your home for good!

Five Stinging Insects Every Littleton Resident Should Know About

It’s no secret that stinging insects are some of the least popular pests in the area. This is largely because of the painful welts most types of stinging insects leave behind if provoked. However, these pests aren’t all the same, which is why it’s important to know about the five most common stinging insects in Littleton, which are:

  1. Bees
  2. Yellowjackets
  3. Bald-faced hornets
  4. Paper wasps
  5. Mud daubers

Each species has different behavioral patterns and pose different degrees of danger. However, it’s important to know that too many stings from any of these insects can result in needing medical attention. Some ways to keep the stinging insect population down are:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are shut if you don’t have screens.
  • Don’t leave food outside (including pet food).
  • Keep the lids of trashcans sealed shut.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Seal all entry points with caulk

While these tips are helpful, the most effective way to remain protected is with professional assistance. At Advantage Pest Management, we provide comprehensive year-round coverage against all manner of stinging insects in Littleton to keep you protected. 

Say goodbye to stinging insect problems for good by contacting Advantage Pest Management! Reach out to us today to discuss your stinging insect control needs and live pest-free!

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