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Edgewater, CO Pest Control

Pest Control In Edgewater, Colorado

Located between Wheat Ridge and Denver is Edgewater, a close-knit community luring residents from the big city for its small-town charm. Additionally, this area is perfect for nature lovers despite its dense population. However, with such a vast nature scene, it comes with a unique challenge; insects and wildlife.

When you’re out in nature, the insects and wildlife are not a problem; they’re in their natural habitats. Insects and wildlife become a problem when they make their way onto your Edgewater properties.

Fortunately, at Advantage Pest Management, we’ve been serving the Jefferson County area long enough that we know the native area pests and how to treat them effectively. We also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment to homes and businesses in the area. We pride ourselves on our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method, which allows us to treat current infestations and prevent new ones from forming.

As your trusted Jefferson county pest control, we are here for you from start to finish. Whether you need residential or commercial pest control services, call Advantage Pest Management to protect your property from disease-spreading and destructive pests.

Residential Pest Control In Edgewater

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Have you ever talked to your neighbors and realized that your home has significantly more pest problems than other homes in your neighborhood? If this is what you've discovered, it can be for quite a few reasons.

Your neighbors could be investing in ongoing residential pest control services that you’re unaware of, so they don’t have any pest issues, but your home may have attractants. Things like birdfeeders, fountains, and certain plants are all features that attract different types of pests to your home. Without proper residential pest control services, you may never know what attracts these pests to your home.

At Advantage Pest Management, our technicians are here to address your pest problems in their entirety. We center our home pest control process around our Integrated Pest Management model. Through this model, our technicians understand the pests infesting your home, which allows us to create a customized solution to ensure we eliminate your current pest problems and prevent future ones from happening.

Call us at Advantage Pest Management today to get your home pest control services started.

Commercial Pest Control In Edgewater

Having pests in your business can be one disaster after another. From cockroaches contaminating everything they touch to rodents chewing on pipes and wires, pests in businesses don't belong. Unfortunately, our businesses provide conducive conditions for these pests without us realizing this is occurring. It's essential to have your business serviced with ongoing pest control treatments to eradicate current infestations and prevent future ones.

At Advantage Pest Management, we know that no one business is alike. That is why we take pride in providing every commercial client with a customized commercial pest control treatment plan based on the findings from our inspections. We look for signs of pest activity, hotspots, and entry points during our inspections. By determining where pests are entering your business, we can devise a treatment plan that will effectively keep pests out for good.

To safeguard your business from these invasive pests, give our team of experts a call to get your services started today.

What Are The Biggest Spiders In Edgewater?

Here in Edgewater, some of the most common spiders you’ll find in the area are funnel-web spiders, orb weavers, cellar spiders, woodlouse spiders, and black widow spiders. These spiders range around the same size, except for cellar spiders which are considerably smaller and thinner than the other common area species. 

However, in this list of common spider species of Edgewater, size isn’t the concern; it's the danger of these spiders. The black widow is the most dangerous by leaps and bounds of all the spider species listed here.

Here are a few symptoms you can experience after a bite by a black widow spider:

  • Chills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paralysis of the diaphragm
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headache

If a black widow spider bites you or you suspect a bite, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Fortunately, at Advantage Pest Management, we’re no strangers to the spiders of Edgewater, big or small. Call us to reduce the chances of being bitten at the sight of any spider.

The Key To Effective Hornet And Wasp Control In Edgewater

Hornets and wasps are not a problem on your property in Edgewater during the winter months because these stinging insects hibernate. They create their nests in areas that provide shelter from the harsh elements that Colorado provides. Unfortunately, the safe havens they choose are, in most cases, your porch or surrounding areas of your property.

While we may like to be outdoors during the warmer months, so do hornets and wasps; it puts a damper on enjoying our outdoor spaces. So what do you do?

If you’re anything like today’s modern DIYers, you probably have it in your head to remove wasps and their nests. That’s the worst thing you can do. As wasps and hornets are stinging insects, attempting to knock down their nests on your own can go incredibly wrong and put you at risk. Bees will sting you one time and die, but hornets and wasps can sting multiple times and not die. Someone highly allergic to wasp stings can suffer severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

At Advantage Pest Management, we know exactly how to inspect for hornets and wasp nests and safely remove and treat them with the right equipment, gear, and products. So before you go and put on your DIY hat because you’ve found hornets and wasps around your property, pause and give us a call; let us worry about stinging insects so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

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