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Pest Control in Highlands Ranch

Founded in 1981, Highlands Ranch, CO is a modern community with beautiful mountain views, biking trails, and access to state parks. It’s just under a half an hour’s drive from Denver, offering residents and visitors all the suburban charm they could ever ask for. Unfortunately, pests also love it here in Highlands Ranch, and that exposes all local properties to the detriments of pest infestation. If you want to guard your home or business from pest activity, you’ve come to the right place.

Advantage Pest Management is a locally owned and operated pest control company that is proud to service properties throughout Douglas County, and the surrounding communities across the greater Denver metro area. We deal with a variety of common area pests, some of which include ants, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, cockroaches, fleas, and bed bugs. Call the team at Advantage Pest Management today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Home Pest Control In Highlands Ranch, CO

The last thing any homeowner wants to see around their Highlands Ranch property is pest activity. However, it happens, and it’s a bigger threat than many of us may think. These intruders can cause real damage to your house, and expose you and your loved ones to serious health and safety risks. Advantage Pest Management provides comprehensive home pest control plans in Highlands Ranch to meet all your pest control needs. We offer:

One-Time Service

  • Alternative service for those who don’t want to commit to a traditional program.
  • Budget-friendly, one-time pest services with a guarantee.
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Traditional Pest Service Program
  • Year-round pest prevention that is affordable and convenient.
  • Preventing household pests, such as crawling insects, mice, and wasps.
  • Initial interior and exterior treatment, with quarterly follow-up services.
  • Exterior sprays, blocking pests from entering the home.
  • Winter interior inspections for rodents.
  • Sealing off potential entry points.

Whatever pest problem you’re facing, our team utilizes trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to get to the root of the issue and eliminate it from the inside out. Reach out to us to get your free, over-the-phone estimate. We don’t do contracts, just personalized services and a professional approach.

Commercial Pest Control In Highlands Ranch, CO

The team at Advantage Pest Management provides reliable commercial pest control services for a number of local businesses. Some of the facilities we’ve worked with include warehouses, apartments, multi-family housing, restaurants, property management companies, hotel/motels/extended stays, and healthcare facilities. Our commercial services include:

  • Creative pest control solutions.
  • Preventative programs.
  • Instant access to account information.
  • Photos of the issue within the property.
  • Pest identification for tenants and staff.

We prioritize outstanding customer service, and our expert technicians undergo ongoing education and training to make sure our customers get the absolute best care possible. Get in touch with us to get started; we’re here to address all of your commercial pest control needs.

The Dangers Of Stinging Insects In Your Highlands Ranch Backyard

Your Highlands Ranch backyard is a haven for local stinging insect species. Whether you’re dealing with bees, yellowjackets, hornets, wasps, or fire ants, the fact of the matter is that stinging insects are present all year long, and they cause great discomfort and pain when they sting.

Aside from the pain, there are so many other consequences of getting stung. What if you have an allergy? In the case of someone with serious allergies, getting stung can lead to severe reactions and even anaphylactic shock. The site of the wound can also become seriously infected, so even if you don’t have allergies, this is still a risk to consider.

The absolute best way to keep your property free of stinging insects is to secure regular treatments from the pest professionals. Here at Advantage Pest Management, we utilize the most up-to-date, effective treatments to deter stinging insects from nesting around your backyard. Call us today to learn more about our stinging insect control and prevention services.

How To Kill Cockroaches In Highlands Ranch, CO

Colorado is home to a variety of local cockroach species. In fact, in the U.S. alone, there are around 69 species of cockroaches that we know of. Seeing as there is access to sources of food, water, and shelter throughout your property, cockroaches are drawn to local homes and businesses. It’s important to cut off these sources and minimize attractants if you want to effectively deal with a roach problem. Here are some helpful ways to kill cockroaches around your Highlands Ranch property:

  • Apply cockroach-killing insecticide spray around the perimeter of your property.
  • Put out baits, which roaches will take back to their nests.
  • Seal off open bags of food, and clean up messes right away.
  • Use a boric acid solution to dehydrate cockroaches.

The only guaranteed way to kill and prevent cockroaches on your property is to call in the pros. Advantage Pest Management is here to offer you complete cockroach control and prevention services you can rely on all year long. Reach out to us today to get started!

How To Tell If You Have An Ant Problem In Your Highlands Ranch Home

Ants are one of the most common nuisance pests in the Highland Ranch area. Here are a few ways to tell if they’re active in or around your home:

  • Mounds in the ground of your yard or cracks in your driveway
  • A pungent odor that smells like coconuts
  • Trails of ants coming and going from your trash and recycling
  • Hollow sounds coming from the walls
  • Piles of sawdust around small holes in the wood around your home
  • Seeing a few ants on your counters

If you discover ants in your home, the best thing to do is call the professionals at Advantage Pest Management. We address ants in all of our residential programs because we know how easily an ant problem can develop. By inspecting your property and understanding both how ants are getting inside and what’s attracting them, we can keep them away throughout the year. Some of the treatments we provide to address them include granular bait, baseboard treatments, and tending to high-traffic areas. For more information on ant control for your home, call us today. 

Spiders In Your Highlands Ranch Home Can Be Problematic

If you spot spiders in your Highlands Ranch home, it’s important to take them seriously for a few key reasons. To start, the type of spider that you encounter could be potentially dangerous. The black widow spider is common in the area and is also venomous. The female of the species usually stays in her web where she waits for prey to walk by. While these spiders don’t look for human interaction, if they feel threatened by you, then they might bite you. Getting bitten by a black widow can be very serious and may result in muscle cramps, significant pain, and difficulty breathing.

Another reason why seeing spiders around your home can be problematic is that they can be an indication of other pest activity. Spiders eat pests such as ants, gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches, any number of which might be present in your home. In the case of cockroaches, they can be detrimental to your well-being and are notoriously difficult to eliminate. At Advantage Pest Management, we incorporate Integrated Pest Management methods into our work in order to address the multi-faceted nature of spider problems. For more information on our spider control solutions, please call us today.

Factors That Attract Rodents To Your Highlands Ranch Property

Rodent problems are all too common for Highland Ranch property owners like you. Here are a few factors that might be attracting them to your home or business:

  • Food: One of the most enticing things for rodents is food, whether it’s in your trash or on your counter. If you leave pantry snacks in their original containers, have crumbs on the floor, or keep pet food in a bag, rather than a sealed container. 
  • Water: Another factor that lures rodents is moisture, whether that comes in the form of damp basements, leaky pipes, or crawl spaces that need to be ventilated. 
  • Safety: Rodents also look for shelter and protection from outside conditions and the elements. If your property promises them a secluded place to nest, then they might try to make it their home. 

At Advantage Pest Management, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to deal with the rodents that plague your property. This framework allows us to understand the root cause of your specific rodent populations. We use the information that we gather from our inspection to craft a unique treatment plan that builds long-lasting relief from rodents. We’ll also provide you with the necessary information to make your property less appealing to rodents in the future. For more information on rodent control, please call us today. 

Why Is It Hard To Keep The Silverfish Out Of My Highlands Ranch Home?

If you’ve ever noticed shiny metallic pests with prominent antennae slithering around your Highlands Ranch bathtub or shower and wondered what they are, they’re likely silverfish. While these invaders are not actually fish, they get their name from their movement patterns. Silverfish are actually considered a nuisance because they do not pose a serious threat to your well-being. That said, getting rid of them can be difficult for a few reasons. One of the most significant reasons why silverfish are hard to keep away is because they travel through sewer systems and can also fit through very small openings around your foundations. Silverfish utilize their flat bodies to slip through cracks and crevices. They are also very fast, which they use to their advantage.

Another reason why silverfish can also be difficult to keep away is that they are attracted to moisture and humidity, which your home may provide without your knowledge. Seasonal conditions can play a role in silverfish attraction, but so can small leaks and condensation accumulation. At Advantage Pest Management, we provide silverfish control in our residential programs because we know how prevalent they are. For more information on getting rid of the silverfish in your home, call us today.

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