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Aurora, CO Pest Control

Customized Pest Solutions For Aurora, CO Properties

Here in Aurora, CO, we experience a climate that is fairly different than most other American cities. Because of this, pests don’t operate here the way they might in a different state or region. As such, effective pest control in Aurora requires specialized knowledge of the region that most national companies simply do not possess.

At Advantage Pest Management, we know Colorado pests. Moreover, we customize our pest control methods to meet the specific needs of your property. That way, you receive the most effective pest solutions possible. To learn more about our various service offerings, continue reading. Or give us a call today to request a free service quote. 

Residential Pest Control In Aurora, CO

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No two houses are exactly alike. That’s why we tailor-make each of our residential pest plans to fit the specific needs of the property that we are servicing.

This begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your property, both inside and out. During this inspection, we look for any conditions that may be conducive to infestations, including entry points and harborage zones.

Based on our findings we develop a pest management plan specific to your property. Although treatments vary, we utilize Integrated Pest Management methodologies to effectively eliminate all current pests and prevent future infestations from occurring.

Follow-up services can be scheduled as needed with no contact required. To learn more about our residential pest control services, give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Aurora, CO

Pests are never a good sign when you own a business. They damage property, drive away customers, and hurt your reputation in the community. If you don’t want pests hurting your bottom line, you need effective commercial pest solutions.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property so that we can develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs. Exterior treatments typically include knockdown services and perimeter treatments while interior treatments focus on baseboards, conducive conditions, and entry points. We utilize IPM methodologies to ensure your property remains pest-free all year long. We also provide monthly reservices to address any issues that may arise. To schedule your initial inspection, give us a call today.

The Trick To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Aurora Home

It’s no secret that cockroaches are gross. However, did you know that they can be dangerous, too? Cockroaches frequently reside in unsanitary locations where they can pick up disease-causing bacteria and pathogens on their spine-covered legs.

Then, they bring those contaminants with them into our homes, spreading them to any surface that they touch. Therefore, it’s important to do what you can to limit your exposure to cockroach infestations. This includes removing factors that attract them and sealing off potential entry points.

  • Store food in airtight containers or the fridge. 
  • Wipe up spills from counters and floors promptly.
  • Store trash in bins with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Use dehumidifiers in areas with poor ventilation. 
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors. 
  • Fill in cracks in the foundation. 
  • Seal exterior holes around vents, pipes, and utility lines.

If you do find yourself dealing with a cockroach infestation, contact the professionals here at Advantage Pest Management. Our certified pest techs have the experience and expertise needed to effectively eliminate any infestation you may be facing. Give us a call today to learn more.

Five Easy & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Aurora Property Owners

Ants may be small in size, but they can present big problems for homeowners. Some ants cause property damage while others can inflict painful bites and stings. Some ant species spread harmful bacteria and pathogens. Therefore, it is important to limit your exposure to ant infestation by removing factors that attract them and sealing off potential entry points.

  1. Store food in containers that are airtight or in the refrigerator.
  2. Keep countertops and floors clean, wiping up spills and crumbs immediately.
  3. Take out the trash regularly and use bins with tight-fitting lids.
  4. Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  5. Fill in cracks in the foundation with caulk.

In the event of an ant infestation in your home, contact the pros here at Advantage Pest Management. We offer ant control solutions that you can count on to effectively eliminate ant infestations from your property. For ant control services that you can count on, call Advantage Pest Management today.

What Aurora Homeowners Can Do To Prevent Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice do their best to enter Aurora homes to access the sustenance that they need to survive. They slip through very small crevices or take advantage of unkempt landscaping as a means of scaling rooflines. Once they get inside homes, rodents can spread health issues like salmonellosis and cause property damage that can lead to ruined insulation or even electrical fires.

To prevent rodents from being a problem, try these tips:

  • Fill in the gaps. Start by sealing off potential entry points that rodents could use to gain access to the home. These access points can be as small as the size of a dime and can be located in foundations, around doors and windows, and bulkheads. Try materials such as steel wool and liquid foam. 
  • Be cognizant of potential food sources. Rodents are constantly searching for food and they aren’t picky about where they get it. To curb their access to food, use sealed containers in the pantry, keep garbage stored properly and remove it often, and perform a thorough cleaning anywhere food is consumed frequently. 
  • Eliminate water sources, too. Another important thing for rodents is water, whether it’s a source for them to drink from or simply damp conditions. Stay ahead of troublesome pipes and consider using a dehumidifier in parts of the home that might need it, such as the basement, closets, or crawl spaces.

For more information on rodent control in Aurora, call Advantage Pest Management today.

How Pests Like Centipedes And Silverfish Access Aurora Homes

Aurora homeowners may be in their bathroom and notice a creepy crawler in their sink or in the shower. Oftentimes, this is either a centipede, silverfish, earwig, or millipede. They’re the type of pests that are regarded as general invaders because they break through homes’ perimeters from time to time. All of these pests are largely attracted to humidity, whether that’s due to seasonal conditions or because of issues with plumbing. One of the most common ways for all of these pests to get inside homes is through nearly imperceptible crevices in foundation walls. They can easily take advantage of openings that are near the ground and then maneuver their way to a source of moisture.

Some, but not all, of these pests utilize pipes and drain systems. Centipedes are known for their proclivity to sneak into homes undetected in this manner, which is why they are so frequently spotted in sinks and showers.  For centipede and silverfish control, call Advantage Pest Management today.

When Is It Time For Spider Control In Aurora?

When it comes to keeping spiders out of Aurora homes, it’s never too early to start seeking professional services. Spiders are able to protect themselves from very cold weather and are often active during at least three seasons of the year. They are also drawn to other pests that they eat, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, gnats, ants, and flies, which are also active at various times throughout the year. Spiders find refuge in yard debris and look for damp conditions and sources of water. This combination of factors can make deterring them a true challenge, but with help from Advantage Pest Management, that doesn’t have to be the case.

We include coverage for spiders in all of our residential pest control because we know how pervasive an issue they can be. Our services begin with a total interior and exterior inspection so that we can understand what’s attracting spiders, what type of spiders are present, and how they’re getting inside the house. After we’ve gathered this information, we formulate a unique program that’s built around the environmentally aware method of Integrated Pest Management. This may include granular applications, dewebbing, and treating high-traffic areas set to a schedule that you determine. To learn more about year-round spider control, call us today.

The Secret To Avoiding Stinging Insects In Aurora

Stinging insects are particularly unwanted around Aurora homes because they are territorial, aggressive, and unpredictable. They are known to sting people who they feel have provoked them; however, it’s not always possible to tell what is going to make this happen. Instead of waiting for a painful sting to occur or having a property overrun by stinging insects, consider professional help from Advantage Pest Management.

We are a locally owned company that has almost a decade of experience in the industry. We abide by the Integrated Pest Management approach, which allows us to be as environmentally conscious in our work as possible. This method also means that the results we garner are sustainable and we can adapt them as our customers’ needs grow and change.

In order to understand why stinging insects have become an issue, we first perform a total yard inspection so that we can understand what’s responsible for attracting these pests and the scope of their infestation. Once we have this information, we move forward with a tailored treatment plan that likely entails the safe removal of active nests. We may also apply other exterior treatments to offer an added level of protection. For more information on stinging insect control, please call us today.

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