The Key To Effective Centipede & Millipede Control In Denver

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Remove Attractants

Millipedes and centipedes gravitate to properties for slightly different reasons. Here is why each of these pests wants to invade your house and what you can do to make your living areas and yard less attractive.

Millipedes descend on moisture sources in and around homes. In order to make your property less attractive to these pests, eliminate sources of water, fix leaky pipes and fixtures, make sure your gutters are working properly, and use a dehumidifier inside your home, especially in moist areas such as kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms. We also recommend addressing moisture problems on your property to avoid attracting these pests to your yard.

Centipedes invade homes to hunt for other pests like cockroaches and spiders. To detract the creatures centipedes hunt, use these simple general pest prevention tips.

  • Address moisture problems.
  • Mop hardwood floors.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Clean off countertops and other kitchen and dining room surfaces.
  • Limit the number of rooms you eat food to one or two.
  • Clean out your pet’s food and water bowls after every meal.
  • Store leftover food inside air-tight containers.

Something to keep in mind with millipedes and centipedes is that they will often invade to avoid adverse conditions outside. If it is particularly hot, cold, or stormy, these pests will look for the closest place to find shelter and will flock to nearby residential properties when given a chance.

Seal Your Exterior

One great way to keep millipedes, centipedes, and a variety of other pests out of your living areas is to properly seal the exterior. Starting from the ground up, fill gaps and cracks in your foundation using caulk, install door sweeps under doors leading out of your home, address problems with weatherstripping, repair damage to siding, and fix ripped, torn, or improperly sealed window and door screens. It also helps to keep unscreened doors and windows closed when they are not in use.

The Dangers Of Millipedes & Centipedes

Millipedes are not venomous and are not known to cause serious harm to humans. Some species, however, produce irritating fluids that cause problems when introduced to human skin. For this reason, we recommend not trying to handle these pests without the proper safety equipment.

Not all centipedes are dangerous; however, some species have incredibly painful bites. As a general rule, avoid larger centipedes as they are more likely to be venomous and may bite you. That said, bites from these pests are rare and are not life-threatening unless the person stung is allergic to insect venom.

Hire A Professional

The best method for keeping millipedes and centipedes out of your home is to hire a professional. For affordable services and a team of technicians that knows what they are doing, trust the experts at Advantage Pest Management. We provide long-term pest control solutions to residents around Denver and would be happy to get you and your home the tools needed to fight back against annoying, dangerous, and destructive creatures that live in our area. Call us today for more information and schedule your property for a service visit.

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