Stop Silverfish In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Denver Homes


A host of insects live in the outdoor areas of residential settings. Many of these undesirable creatures seeking food, water, or shelter often navigate their way inside homes. Silverfish are among the most unusual and obscure types of household pests that Denver-area homeowners might come across. These pests are named for their metallic appearance and “fish-like” ways of moving.

Have you noticed the presence of silverfish inside your home? Those who experienced the best outcomes usually have help from a provider of silverfish pest control in Denver. An experienced Denver pest control company will quickly recognize these unusual pests and understand the behavior of these creatures.

Silverfish: What Are They?

Silverfish (Lespisma sacchrina) are insects in most parts of the United States. Silverfish are sometimes called “bristletails” because they have three tail-like extensions. Silverfish usually appear in shades of silver or brown and have bodies that typically measure ¾ of an inch long. Silverfish are wingless yet, move somewhat quickly using their six legs.

Although smaller, young, immature silverfish in Denver bear a close resemblance to the adults. Female silverfish may produce up to three eggs per day, and adults may achieve a lifespan of up to three years.

Silverfish consume an omnivorous diet that might include fungi and plant-derived materials in natural outdoor environments. Inside homes, silverfish might consume carbohydrates, proteins, paper, glue, and more. As creatures that prefer moist, humid conditions, homeowners often find silverfish in bathrooms, basements, and laundry areas.

Are you wondering how to remove silverfish from a home? Today, providers of residential pest control services offer highly-effective solutions. The pros can deliver efficient and affordable pest control options.

Damaging Effects Of Silverfish In Your Home: What You Need To Know

Fortunately, silverfish do not bite, sting, or transmit diseases to humans and represent a nuisance pest. The primary concern associated with silverfish is their ability to cause minor to moderate property damage. As they travel through a home, silverfish will sometimes create yellowish stains and spread tiny, dark waste particles. Hungry silverfish will feed on types of upholstery, clothing, and paper products—often leaving small holes.

To prevent the silverfish from creating further damage to your home, local property owners should contact a licensed pest control company for help once they first notice them indoors.

Silverfish-Proof The Home: Essential Maintenance And Repairs

What are some of the most effective strategies for preventing intrusions involving silverfish? Homeowners in Denver should consider these tips:

  • Keep vegetation trimmed away from the structure, as it may allow silverfish easier access to entry points around doors or windows.
  • Those with shake roofs should seal them annually to prevent silverfish intrusions.
  • Limit excess moisture by promptly repairing damaged plumbing and using dehumidifiers when needed to minimize humidity.

Although these strategies are typically effective, silverfish and similar pests will sometimes still find their way indoors. A local pest control professional is properly equipped for safely expelling these creatures from the premises and can advise you on the best ways to limit future intrusions associated with these or other home-invading pests.

Take Action Against Silverfish: Get Rid Of Them Once And For All

Are you routinely encountering silverfish around or inside your Denver home? Seeking help from the pros is usually the best solution. Residents of Denver currently facing problems involving silverfish should promptly consult with a home pest control professional in Denver.

Advantage Pest Management is a premier provider of residential pest control services for customers throughout the Denver region. We employ many of the latest innovations in the pest management industry and deliver top-quality customer services. Contact our office today for additional information.

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