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How To Prevent House Mice In Denver

October 15, 2021 - Mice

Mice are one of the oldest and most common home-invading pests. They’ve been living off of humans since the very earliest days of agriculture. In fact, recent studies have shown mice have been living alongside humans even longer than that. This means they’ve had about 15,000 years to perfect their techniques for invading our homes, stealing our food, and squatting in our shelters, making them just about impossible to prevent and evict.

The long and sordid relationship between mice and people has tons of benefits for the mice – and pretty much no benefits for their human hosts. In fact, mice bring the opposite of benefits; they actively harm the people whose homes they infest. That means you’re going to want to do everything you can to discourage mouse activity.

Mice And Men – Not The Best Of Friends

Mice are small rodents compared to other common rodents in our area, such as rats and squirrels. They’re typically only a few inches long and only weigh a few ounces. They’re grey to light brown, and their bellies are often lighter in color than the rest of their bodies. They have small feet, furry tails, and large ears. Pet mice can even be pretty adorable.

However, the dangers posed by wild mice are far from adorable. Mice are not really any better than rats when it comes to threats to your health and property. They spread the same diseases, and they destroy property in the same way. Disease is the biggest threat from mice. These tiny rodents contaminate basically everything they touch with their dirty feet, shed hairs, and droppings.

Mice carry lots of secondary infestations into your home, including fleas, ticks, mites, and more. Mice also spread dozens of diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, rat-bite fever, and bubonic plague. While death from these illnesses is rare, they can sometimes cause severe symptoms and require hospitalization.

Mice also destroy property in several ways. Their nesting habits can be quite damaging, as they’ll often chew through components of your home to create ideal nesting sites. Mice also love to rip up plush items to create bedding material. This doesn’t just include furniture cushioning and pillows but your home’s insulation as well.

Mice also love to chew through your home’s hard materials – like wood, plastics, and electrical wiring – because these items grind down their constantly growing teeth. Unchecked mouse infestations can result in thousands of dollars in damage just from this constant gnawing alone. Not to mention the stains, odors, and damage that can result from mouse droppings.

Mouse Prevention Tips

Mice can be really tough to get rid of once they’re established in your home. That’s why keeping them off your property is better than evicting them after they’ve set up shop. To make your home less attractive to mice, take measures like:

  • Keep all indoor and outdoor trash cans covered with fitted lids.
  • Store mice’s favorite foods in airtight, hard plastic containers, including grains, seeds, dried fruits, and other pantry staples. 
  • Make sure your home is airtight. Seal up any potential entry points mice could use. This doesn’t just include holes from damage and aging, but also legitimate openings like ventilation holes. Mesh rodent wire and chimney caps should do the trick. 
  • Call the experts. 

Sometimes homeowners just can’t keep mice away, despite their best efforts. If this turns out to be the case for you, help is just a click or call away. Here at Advantage Pest Management, we can help you get rid of any mouse infestation, no matter the size.

We also offer commitment-free follow-up services to ensure you never have a mouse in your house again. So give us a call at (720) 702-8363 or visit our contact page to schedule your appointment today. We offer both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services.

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