Help! Wasps Are Taking Over My Denver Yard!


Denver homeowners are familiar with wasps. They flourish all over Denver and are quick to move in anytime they see a place that looks like home. Paper wasps are aggressive, and will defend their nests at the slightest provocation. They can be difficult to control using DIY pest control techniques, and even trying to eliminate them on your own will expose you to the potential for an aggressive response that may leave you with multiple stings.

Wasp control is critical if you have wasps on your property, but it is best left to the experts. If you need help with wasps, call Advantage Pest Management. We are your Denver pest control experts. 

Common Types Of Wasps Found In Denver

Here are some of the types of wasps you may find on your property:

  • Yellow jackets: These ground-dwelling wasps are highly aggressive and can be provoked if you even walk near their nests.
  • Bald-faced hornets: Bald-faced hornets prefer to nest in bushes and shrubs, and bad encounters with them can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • Paper wasps: These stinging insects build their nests on playground equipment, under overhangs, and on outdoor furniture.

Wasp pest control is essential for keeping your property safe and sound, and for you to be able to use your yard without fear of being stung. If you see wasps on your property, get in touch with Advantage Pest Management. We can help you with any wasp problem.

How Dangerous Are Wasps?

Wasps can be considered very dangerous, and proper wasp prevention is important. Unlike bees, wasps can be highly aggressive and will protect their nests with fast, swarming attacks that can leave you covered with painful stings. This alone is cause for concern, especially since most encounters with wasps happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Unfortunately, wasp stings can also cause severe allergic reactions that may lead to hospitalization. Wasp-related allergic reactions have been known to be fatal. Children and pets tend to be naturally curious, and thus tend to have negative encounters with wasps often.

Don’t let wasps move in and decrease your safety on your own property. If you see wasps, find our number and get in touch with us. Advantage Pest Management can remove wasps safely and effectively.

Five Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Here are some ways that you can help decrease the chances that wasps may come to your property and decide to move in:

  1. Eliminate garbage: Wasps like the kinds of food that you do, and garbage offers them plenty to eat. Eliminating outside garbage is an easy way to remove a major draw for wasps.
  2. Eliminate clutter: Wasps are opportunistic and will readily use clutter to build their nests. Getting rid of clutter is an easy way to discourage wasps from moving in.
  3. Seal your house: Wasps will exploit openings in your house to move in and build their nests. Eliminating gaps and cracks in your house makes it harder for wasps to move in.
  4. Limit water sources: Exposed water sources on your property can draw thirsty wasps. Eliminating exposed water sources can help encourage wasps to move on.
  5. Inspect often: Wasp nests are much easier to deal with when they are small. Once their nests are large, wasps can cause you a lot more grief.

Finally, if you do see wasps on your property, the next thing you want to see is Advantage Pest Management. We have a long history of successful wasp control in Denver, and we can help you, too.

The Trick To Total Wasp Control For Your Home And Yard

Wasps can move onto your property and expose you and your family to the risk of painful, venomous stings. DIY pest control methods for wasps are often not effective and expose you to the risk of getting stung. Don’t go it alone with wasps. Instead, call Advantage Pest Management for help and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Denver.

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