Black Widow Spider Control For Denver Property Owners

black widow

It’s not easy crafting a plan of attack against Denver area pests. The majority have an array of subspecies that require unique approaches. Most people think that every bug in a class is the same, but that’s far from true. There are wide variations in terms of color, size, and shape. In addition, there can be distinctions with lifespan, behavioral patterns, habitat, diet, and then some. Spiders are no exception to this.

Spiders are very scary looking; it’s no surprise people are unsettled by them. They seemingly have countless eyes and they can inject venom into prey with their fangs. Some are harmless though, believe it or not. Black widows are definitely dangerous; medical experts have deemed them the most lethal on earth. What’s concerning is that they are pervasive in Denver. Find out what you can do to block them and how Advantage Pest Management can help rid your Denver home of these spiders.

How Do Black Widow Spiders Function? What Are The Dangers?

Generally, black widow spiders are 0.12 to 0.39 of an inch long. However, the females can be 0.51 of an inch at maximum. The sex is also set apart by a red hourglass mark on their stomach. As you might have guessed, these bugs are black in color. Their bodies are rather shiny.

Black widow spiders thrive outdoors in organic matter. Fields, forests, and other grassy or wooded zones are covered in these pests. They only will enter a home or business if they are short on food or if the weather is harsh. Gaps in windows, doors, and foundations will be their passageways. Quiet and dark rooms, such as basements and garages appeal to them. They’ll also be in closets; they don’t want to be messed with. If you see any, you probably have a critter problem as a whole. Black widows eat ants, grasshoppers, flies, and similar.

Any sightings of a black widow spider signify an infestation. You might find them near firewood or furniture. Another indication is spotting their disheveled webs by the floor or in sheltered spaces. If these creepy crawlers feel threatened, they will bite. Skin inflammation and welts will soon appear. Always seek medical attention, particularly if you experience the following:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Skin swelling or lesions
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Tremors
  • Increased blood pressure and/or heart rate
  • Muscle and body pain
  • Nervous system complications or failure
  • Exposure to neurotoxins

The elderly and children usually have strong bodily reactions to black widow bites. Those who have compromised immune systems and heart conditions are especially vulnerable as well.

What Are Ways To Prevent Black Widow Spiders?

Take these steps to thwart black widows and other spiders:

  • Close up holes in doors, windows, and foundations.
  • Have moisture glitches and leaks promptly repaired.
  • Use a dehumidifier to regulate interior warmth.
  • Lessen clutter so spiders won’t have convenient and comfortable places to hide.
  • Distance greenery and woodpiles from the property by two feet.
  • Inspect storage items, wood, and outdoor furniture before using it indoors.
  • Sweep up webs you see with a broom.
  • Contact Advantage Pest Management if you have any critters spiders consume.

How Will Advantage Pest Management Handle Black Widow Spiders?

Shelf goods won’t do the job with spiders. Most products will only kill single bugs, while an infestation will rage on. Plus, the items can be hazardous to be around or use. The experienced technicians at Advantage Pest Management will quickly locate nests and susceptibilities. Then, they’ll address them with industrial-grade treatments and equipment. Our solutions are safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. They will provide long-lasting results. When you call today to get started, you’ll be offered a free estimate! Guard yourself now with our home pest control or commercial pest management services!

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