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Glendale, CO Pest Control

Pest Control In Glendale, Colorado

Maybe the most notable aspect of Glendale, Colorado, is Infinity Park, built as a sports center to house the sport of rugby. Infinity Park has become the heart of Glendale, hosting a multitude of events like Music & Movie Night.

It is essential to utilize professional pest control services in your home or business to maintain the best environment for everyone to enjoy in Glendale. Without pest prevention and control, you, your family, employees, and customers are at risk for the many problems pests cause, like spreading diseases and bacteria.

Advantage Pest Management provides high-quality Arapahoe County pest control for residential and commercial properties. Our understanding of local pests allows us to implement the most effective treatments during the seasons pests are most active.

Residential Pest Control In Glendale

pest control in glendale colorado

Are you unsure how to get started with pest control services for your Glendale home? Advantage Pest Management is here to help!

Our residential pest control offering uses our trusted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model, providing customized solutions for active infestations and prevention for future ones. When you work with us, our process consists of:

  • Inspection: Our comprehensive inspection focuses on the interior and exterior of your property, looking for signs of pest activity, conducive conditions, and entry points. During the inspection, we will identify the pests you are dealing with, so we can provide the proper solutions.
  • Treatment: Includes customized methods to target your specific pest pressures and standard services such as knocking down webs and nests. We also spray the foundation and apply granular to the lawn and foliage. Plus, we will focus on pest hotspots inside your home.
  • Follow Up: Unlike other companies, we don't require our customers to commit to ongoing pest control, but reoccurring treatments are available if you want!

Call us at Advantage Pest Management for more info!

Commercial Pest Control In Glendale

A pest-free facility is not something you should leave up to chance. Pest infestations can cause many health concerns and property damage and affect a business's credibility. So instead of hoping an infestation doesn't happen, you can prevent them with professional assistance. 

Many local commercial properties rely on Advantage Pest Management to manage their pest control needs. Here's why:

  • We offer high-quality pest solutions that start with a detailed inspection of your property, looking for pest activity, entry points, nesting areas, and hotspots.
  • While we provide general services, we modify treatments to meet your needs.
  • We will knock down webs and nests, spray the exterior around the foundation, and target baseboards and conducive conditions. 
  • Our monthly services provide pest protection year-round.

Learn more about our commercial pest control services by calling us at Advantage Pest Management.

Why Do Mice Come Into Glendale Homes?

For thousands of years, mice have lived close to people, relying on humans for much of what they consume. Mice are also opportunists, which means they will take advantage of any property that offers easy access to food and the other necessities they need to survive.

Here are a few food sources that can attract mice:

  • Garbage
  • Open Or Flimsy Food Containers
  • Crumbs
  • Dropped Seeds From Bird Feeders
  • Pet Food
  • And More!

What makes this pest worse is that they can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime; this, on top of their strong chewing incisors, makes them a challenge to keep out.

The best way to keep mice out of your home is through ongoing professional prevention. Advantage Pest Management offers rodent control services for residential properties. We can eliminate active mice infestations and prevent new ones from happening.

Everything Glendale Homeowners Ought To Know About Dangerous Spiders

Most spiders species are harmless to people. But because all spiders have venom and fangs, they all get a bad rap. There are only two medically dangerous spiders in North America, the black widow and the brown recluse. Here is how you can identify these species: 

Black Widow Spider:

  • Female black widows have shiny black bodies with a red or orange hourglass marking on the abdomen and grow between 1 to 1 1/2 inches long.

  • Males are a light graying color and have reddish-pink spots on their backs and are about half the size of females.

  • Only female black widows are dangerous.

  • A black widow's web looks disorganized and built close to the ground.

Brown Recluse Spider:

  • They are 1/2 an inch or smaller.

  • Uniformly light brown with a dark violin pattern on the cephalothorax.

  • Hairs and no spines on their legs.

  • They create a messy and unorganized web in secluded areas.

Keep in mind that some people are allergic to spider venom so that any spider can affect them. You shouldn't tolerate any spiders in your Glendale home. Let our experts at Advantage Pest Management help keep them away!

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