Spiders are a very unique animal in the arthropod world and are surprisingly beneficial at maintaining insect control in yards and homes.  Since spiders are predators, they only feed on other insects.  This is done by catching the insect in a silk web and inserting their fangs into the insect to imobolize it with venom.  The spider will then suck the juices out of the insect and feed until the insect is dried up.

Although spiders can be frightening, they can greatly reduce the amount of insects that invade homes by feeding on flies, mosquitoes, and other nusance insects.  Since spiders would rather be undisturbed, you typically will not see them in rooms with higher amounts of activity.  If you do run across a spider in your home, it is best to captu it and release if back outside to continuously reduce home-invading pests..

Steps to help reduce spider activity around your home: Regularly dust and clean seldom used rooms; Caulk cracks and crevices around plumbing fixtures.

Move debris away from thefoundation of your home and trim foliage around your home.