Roaches are able to invade and hide very well within homes and at first sight of a roach, a professional service should come out to treat. Roaches can carry various disease organisms, but have not been associated with any major outbreaks in the U.S. The insect also produces a repulsive odor that can affect food and people with allergies when they inhale dust.

To help prevent cockroaches from invading your home, you can take several simple measures listed below. By following these guidelines, you can reduce
the risk of a cockroach infestation dramatically.
- Eliminate hiding places for cockroaches such as caulk cracks and crevices
in dark, moist places (behind cupboards, under sinks, and other moist places)
- Inspect items brought into a building 
- Make plumbing repairs
- Eliminate as much standing water as possible
- Keep counters and dishes clear of any food debris
- Avoid storing unnecessary paper, plastic bags, and other potential hiding spots