At anytime throughout the year you may encounter a pest problem you have never dealt with before.  Here at APM, we have created several programs to help fit your pest control needs.  From ants and spiders to fleas and bedbugs, we will take care of any pest problem. Below you will learn about our residential services we provide.

​One-Time Pest Services

Advantage Pest Management is one of the few companies in the Denver Metro area that offers a one-time pest service with a guarantee.  This is an alternative service for people who do not want to commit to a traditional service program.  It is a good option for people who may be on a budget.  Many of the one-time pest services can be quoted over the phone and scheduled in a timely manner.  

Traditional Pest Service Program

​Advantage Pest Managements traditional pest service program is convenient and affordable way for homeowners to prevent pests in their home on a year around basis.  This program will help prevent homes from being infested with crawling insects, mice and wasps year around!  This plan will be provided on a quarterly basis.  Your initial treatment will include an interior and exterior treatment.  Your additional treatments will include exterior sprays, stopping any pests before they get into your home.  In the winter months, we will do an interior inspection for rodents, sealing off any potential entry points we may find.

 Additional Service Programs

APM provides additional pest control programs for pests that may not be covered under the traditional pest control services.  These services can be provided individually or can be added on to our quarterly pest control program.



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